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Congratulations to all the 2023 Teacher Incentive Grant Winners!


Rachel Cole

1st Grade Teachers

Amy Turley

Molly Gomes

Laura Craig

Kelly Kanan

Sean Nash

Renee Lee

Ryan Swayne

Carry Suchy

Debby Jobe

Michael Gossett

Erin Tegtmeier

Eva Herling/Shaymarie White/Madison Balazs

Debra Barta

Sara Henninger

Stefanie Ritter

Cassie Cochran

Kaitlin Lutz

Allyson Clanton

Audry Annis

Tiffany Goracke

Kathleen Welsh

Kathleen Welsh


Sensory Success at BES

Ear-resistibly Improved Reading Fluency!

Kitchen Supplies

Industrial Tool Chests for Makerspace

Interior Design Color Printing Capabilities

Life Skills

Unlocking the Secrets of the Invisible: High-Resolution Microscope

Ceramics Studio Recycling

T-Shirt Screen Printing

BLMS FACS Cookware Sets

Workbench Cabinet w/ Adjustable-Height Solid Wood

Activate Class 3D Printer

Kindness Unites Us

Enhancing Early Learning: Sensory Exploration for Preschoolers

Seas of Discovery: Exploring Science through our Preschool Fish Tank

Sensory Learning in Kindergarten

Sensory Learning in Kindergarten

ABC Program

Sensory Learning in Kindergarten

Hands-on Learning is Fun!

Healthy Snack Funds for Kindergarten

Healthy Snack Funds for Kindergarten

5th Grade Leadership Program

LES Recycle Program

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