Staff and Teacher Achievement Recognition Award Winners

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2021 Winners

BES - Mrs. Karen Pursel (Kindergarten)

BIS - Mr. Garold Baker (Principal)

BLHS - Mrs. Vicky Herbster (Counselor)

BLMS - Mrs. Amanda Ellis (Math)

ELC - Mrs. Amy Cummings (Pre-K)
GRES - Mrs. Jackie Nichols (Kitchen Manager)

LES - Mrs. Jayne Hopkins (2rd Grade)

District - Mrs. Erin Morrison (Director of BLVS)

2020 Winners

BES - Mrs. Melissa Smith (Para)

BIS - Mrs. Shari Kuttler (Special Education)

BLHS - Mrs. Lynn Nahrebeski (Building Technology)

BLMS - Mrs. Cassie Tucker (Special Education)

GRES - Mrs. Deborah Ricker (Principal)

LES - Mrs. Molly Livers (2nd Grade)

District - Mrs. Pam Chenoweth (Business Manager/Board Clerk)

2019 Winners

BES - Mrs. Heather Osterhaus (2nd Grade)

BIS - Mrs. Jayne Denny (4th Grade)

BLHS - Mrs. Sherry McKinley (Counselor)

BLMS - Mr. Larry Booth (English)

GRES - Mrs. Patti Hollingsworth (Para)

LES - Mrs. Michelle Riffel (4th Grade)

District - Mrs. Bo Youngblood (Behavior Consultant - TBLSEC)

2018 Winners

BES - Mrs. Kylie Fleer (Special Education)

BIS - Ms. Katie Kobialka (Counselor)

BLHS - Mrs. Michelle Vielhauer (English)

BLMS - Mrs. Debbie Self (Secretary)

GRES - Mrs. Julie Loevenstein (4th Grade)

LES - Mrs. Lynn Sweeney (5th Grade)

District - Mr. Fredy DeLeon (Tech Director)

2017 Winners

BES - Mrs. Tiffany Lynch (Principal)

BIS - Mrs. Teri Boyd (Principal)

BLHS - Mrs. Nancy Silverforb (Counselor)

BLMS - Mrs. Ruth Gore (Math)

GRES - Mrs. Barb Forbes (2nd Grade)

LES - Mrs. Jayne Hopkins (Reading)

District - Mrs. Tammy Potts (Basehor-Linwood Mentors/Care Cats Director)

2016 Winners

BES - Mrs. Debbie Dearinger (Secretary)

BIS - Mrs. Diane Kirk (Secretary)

BLHS - Mrs. Emily Snyder (Math)

BLMS - Ms. Debby King (PLTW/Tech/STEM)

GRES - Mr. Erik Jones (PE)

LES - Ms. Breanna Robbins (1st Grade)

District - Mrs. Cyndi Kenton (Librarian)